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PoolTrac Support

PoolTrac Support has several ways to help you solve any and all of your Support needs.
Below you can find our Frequently Ask Questions, Video Tutorials, and our Support Ticket Center.

Frequently Ask Questions:

If you are interested in signing up please fill out our
Sign-Up Page
Call us at 1-855-854-6776.

We support Apps for both Android and Apple, available from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. We also have a Mobile Webpage that is accessible from any mobile phone browser or Desktop Browser, but does not support GPS or Photo submittion.

We support Apps with iOS 7.0+ for both iPhone and iPad, however to get the App to show up on the iPad you will need to change the Device Filter from "iPad Only" to "iPhone Only". The PoolTrac Pro App will then display in the App Store.

This is usually caused by Pop-Ups not being allow. Please allow all Pop-Ups for https://mgmt.pooltrac.com

User Type: Permissions:
Admin: Access to Company Settings, See All Pools on the System, Add/Edit/Delete Pools, Create Pool Assignments, Add/Edit/Delete Records, Create Reports, Add/Edit/Delete Calendar Tasks, Full Access to all features and functions in the site.

Supervisor: See All Pools on the System, Add/Edit Pools, Create Pool Assignments, Edit Records, Create Reports, Add/Edit Calendar Tasks.

Manager: See Only Pools they have been assigned, Edit Pools, Create Reports, See Only Calendar Tasks they have been assigned.

User: See Only Pools they have been assigned, Are not able to Edit Pools, See Only Calendar Tasks they have been assigned.

Guest: See Only Pools they have been assigned, Only see records for their pools. Does not have access to edit anything.

Support Ticket System:

Click Here to Launch Support

Support Center & Ticket Tracker: For more advanced help you can launch our Ticket Tracker System. Click on the link above to get started.

Video Tutorials:

Videos can be found after you log into the Management Site under the "Help" icon in the upper-right corner of the page.